About the band

Game music and game discussion by the games themselves.  The five members of TFB are from 8-bit Nintendo games, finally able to communicate with the world around them through the magic of the internet.  Basically, their NES was wired to a television that also hosts a Wii, which is connected to the internet by wifi.  We don't really understand it either, but it works.

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We love gaming music, and we know you love it to.  That's why we put so much effort in creating remixes of classic gaming themes, create our own 8- and 16-bit music, and even compose game soundtracks!  Click below to listen!

And check it out - the Final Fantasy Mixes is OUT! 12 of your favorite FF themes remixed into EDM tunes. This collection will have you dancing for sure!!



We're doing two (count them, TWO!) podcasts available to you for your entertainment.  There is the weekly Retro Zoo Super Show, an hour-long podcast about games and music with live calls and discussion, and also the daily TechnoFunkBoy Daily 5, which is a five-minute podcast about retro gaming and quick thoughts about certain games and the industry.

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Are you one of us?

Do you know where all three warp whistles are hidden in Super Mario Bros. 3?  Do you know the Konami code by heart?  Do you hum the Zelda theme in the shower?

Do you like playing or talking about retro games and retro game music?  So do we.  So much so, we do it publicly for all to hear.

We were born there, after all.

Take a listen to our music or our podcasts. And don't be shy - we'd love to hear from you too.

member Kaenor guitar

Where to start...

If you just really, really like retro game music, check out our music page.  But for most people, the best place to start is going to be our podcast.  We ask that you give us THREE episodes before making a decision on keeping it or not.  We definitely do NOT recommend listening at 1.7x speed though, because we play a lot of music and Stephen sometimes talks quickly.

Latest episode:

21: Stab it in the Eye! (LotR: The Third Age)