Flying V

Authentically digital

TFB has a unique connection the gaming music, because we were born and raised within the games themselves.  These are the song and stories of our lands, of our people.  We are excited to show the real world what we can do, but we will never forget where we first met and first made music together, there within a pleasant corner of the retroverse.

TFB isn’t your normal cartoon band.  We're a bit more pixelated.  A bit more bloopy.  A bit, shall we say, sprite-like.

Meet the Band

Learn about the members of the TechnoFunkBoy below!

portrait - Kai

Kaenor Apana

That story starts with Kai, an elf who was raised in Hyrule under the tutelage of monks of the three goddesses.  He learned to play the organ there, and his style was so rhythmic that one elderly man, visiting from town, asked the head of the order about that “techno funky-boy” playing the instrument.  He took the name and ran with it, and while he rejected the faith of the three goddesses later for the True God, he retained the love for music, rhythm, and even for elderly men who don’t understand him.

portrait - Stephen

Stephen Lannier

A retired special-forces Captain, Lannier's piloting skills were on display for the world when he successfully delivered and retreieved a small Contra team during the Red Falcon incident.  But also while in the service, he learned to play keyboards, and found that his analytical mind was a good fit for the instrument.  His keyboards normally provide the main theme for TFB songs.

portrait - Morelle

Lady Morelle

A noblewoman from the Mushroom Kingdom, she spent her days wondering what pipes had piranha plants in them and which didn't.  Even being nobility can be difficult in a land overrun with rabid turtles bent on ruling the world.  She left there and brought her classical training to the TFB, where she plays keyboards and piano.

portrait - DRUM


D.R.U.M. was a discarded attempt by Dr. Wiley to build an evil robot intend on destroying Mega Man.  It was reprogrammed to do dishes at a restaurant then, but Kai saw a potential in it to do something different. Rechristened D.R.U.M., it now provides percussion for the band as well as acts as the producer for the Retro Zoo Super Show.

portrait - Anla


Anla is an elf from Elfheim.  She took up the trade of a traveling musician, but after being captured by pirates in Pravoka, she decided that traveling alone was perhaps not the best idea.  She found Kai soon thereafter and joined as the band's guitarist and bassist. She is remarkably shy without an instrument in her hands, but when she has something to say, she is normally worth hearing out in full.

Ready to hear some music?

You should be!  Our tunes are available at a variety of locations, so let us show you where!