Who are the people who appear on the show?

This page will describe some of our guests and also frequent callers to the program.


We have had several people from both the retroverse and also the real world on to discuss various goings-on in gaming culture. Here are a few of the regular ones.


From Bloodpool (Actraiser). He's a simple guy, likes farming, hates angels, big fan of the Master. He's a little grumpy.

Episode 4: The Grumpy Dwarf (Actraiser)

Episode 16: Bob Ross's Dimension ("Sell Me This Game" Game)

Ryland Belmont

The last living member of the Belmont clan. He is reluctant to take on the family mantle and isn't sure that hunting vampires is a good idea.


Ep 10: The Last Belmont (Phantasmagoria)


We have our own team of field reports who occassionally come on to tell us about the goings-on in the Retroverse.

Rangel Robertson

Our "real world" correpondant, covering news and events outside the Retro Verse.


Ep 2: The War Orver "Retro"

Ep 14: Speedrunning 101

Ep 19: Elementary! (221B Baker Street)

Ep 29: I'm a Toys "R" Us Kid!

Stephan Stephens

Our most experienced reporter, mostly assigned to the crime desk.


Ep 10: The Last Belmont (Phantasmagoria)


We have a few regular callers that are notable. By notable me mostly mean annoying. We've hung up on most, if not all, of them.


Our local VCR repair man. He's an expert on all sorts of 80s technology.


Ep 45: The Fate of DRUM (Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six)

Sgt. Cole Nami

Sgt Nami is a manager at the bookstore where Steven works. He is very passionate about literacy and education. He also has nothing to do with aliens.


Ep 18: Those Stupid Droids (Final Fantasy XII)


Gerald is very particular about accuracy in video gaming. We're not really sure why, but he is willing to go to great lengths to prove his position.


Ep 27: Stephen Returns! (Final Fantasy IV)


Greer is a friend of the show who doesn't call very much, but is somewhat excitable and generally worries about other people a lot. Rumor is that he is a character from another medium that wandered into the retroverse by mistake.


Ep 19: Elementary! (221B Baker Street)

Ep 26: Goin' Pokémon-ing

Princess Gwaelin

The kidnapped Princess from Dragon Warrior who annoyed both her captors and her rescuer away. Now she's searching for someone to smother codependenly.


Ep 32: Hurt and Hurtmore (Dragon Warrior / Dragon Quest)


Jake thinks he knows more about games than he actually does. He's the type of kid that used to spread rumors about games on the playground, but now he has a larger audience because of the internet.


Ep 1: The Casting of Pods

Ep 7: Uncle Fester Has Been Bad

Ep 17: Yo-Yos and Boomerangs (Power Blade)


Lester is an aspiring game designer and born salesman. He has several Kickstarters going all the time, though some are made-up.


Ep 6: The Straight Piece (Tetris)


Phillip is a talk radio aficionado who tends to call in whenever something strikes his fancy, whether he understands the conversation or not. He doesn't quite understand the concept of a non-political talk show.


Ep 9: I Was Right - It's Dhampir (Symphony of the Night)

Ep 19: Elementary! (221B Baker Street)

Ep 26: Goin' Pokémon-ing


Red is a music student who likes to call in when she hears about something that could help her get a better grade.


Ep 24: You Engage the Spiteful Crow! (Earthbound)

Robert Higgins

Robert is an ol' fashioned man who believes in hard work, baseball, and America.  And NOT video games.


Ep 1: The Casting of Pods

Ep 11: Pasty Nerds at the Olympics? (eSports)

Stevee Lee

Stevee Lee is a guitarist for a band that frequents high school dances all over Wisconsin. His hobbies include arguing in the comment boxes of YouTube videos about music techniques and complaining that Classic Rock is "too complicated."


Ep 8: Bach, Michiru Yamane, and Kai (Symphony of the Night)


Timmy is a very dedicated and young retro gamer who just isn't very good. His enthusiasm often overshadows his ability, and he looks to the program for help.


Ep 19: Elementary! (221B Baker Street)

Ep 47: #12HourChallenge