Lots of people have questions about us. We set this up to answer the most common ones.

Are you a real band?

Yes.  Absolutely.  The members of the band may or may not be real, but the band itself is very real.

Can you sign my CD?

Well, our music is distributed mostly digitally, and we are also digital, meaning we don't have hands in the real world.  So no.

Who owns the SNES and Wii you live in?

*"in which you live."

No, seriously.

Paul Lytle does.  We would have gotten into the real world ages ago except he is consistently 3 generations behind in consoles, so his recent Wii purchase was literally the first time he had a console connect to the internet.  He produces our music too, mostly because that's the only way he'll let us use the wifi.

Is it dangerous in the Retroverse?

Not always.  But Ganon tries to take over fairly regularly.  And Bowser kidnaps the Princess periodically.  That wouldn't be so bad, but he always sends out his Koopa army into the land when he does, which makes travel annoying.  Most dangers are localized though, and you can avoid most of it.