The Retro Zoo Super Show

Our weekly hour-long podcast on retro gaming with phone calls, debates, music, news, and a healthy supply of awesome thrown in for good measure. In the style of a morning zoo radio show, this podcast is high-energy and lots of fun.

The TechnoFunkBoy Daily 5

Our daily 5-minute podcast, normally on retro games, retro game music, or news that relates to retro gaming. This one is to keep you satisfied between episodes of the Zoo.

Take me to the zoo!

This is our flagship project.  If you don't like this, then you, well, may like something else we do, but we're going to question why you are even here. The Retro Zoo Super Show is everything you want in a podcast, assuming you want humor, energy, fun, and retro video games.  If your favorite podcast catcher isn't listed below, then search on that app for "Retro Zoo Super Show" to find us!


Can't get enough of that smooth TFB jam? Our Daily 5 is for you. 5 new episodes a week, each one 5 minutes long, about gaming, game music, and news!