We have quite a bit of music out, and we’re love for you to listen to it. A lot of it on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and everywhere else if you search TechnoFunkBoy. The most complete collection is at Bandcamp, and that’s also where you can buy all of our tunes for the lowest price. Finally, we upload a ton of stuff on our Patreon page and patrons can download ’til their heart’s content.

Dice & Dreary: The Mists

Our first soundtrack from the Dice & Dreary actual play podcast. The album is a mix of traditional horror soundtrack with a darkwave twist.

The Final Fantasy Mixes

Our first full-length album recorded ages ago, but man this collection is a lot of fun. Here is remixed tunes from Final Fantasy games in a very dance-able style.

Quest of the Dragon Warrior EP

A three song EP of our synthwave covers of songs from the original Dragon Warrior / Dragon Quest game.

Golden Eagle single

A simple and fun synthwave dance tune we wrote for our taekwondo dojang, which is called Golden Eagle.

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