We have quite a bit of music out, and we’re love for you to listen to it. A lot of it on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and everywhere else if you search TechnoFunkBoy. The most complete collection is at Bandcamp, and that’s also where you can buy all of our tunes for the lowest price. Finally, we upload a ton of stuff on our Patreon page and patrons can download ’til their heart’s content.

Full length albums

The Dragon and the Witch


A double album of dark ambient instrumental music from the Dice & Dreary podcast.

The Wolves


A synthwave fevre dream adventure through the world of the Wolves.

The Chase


The Chase is a progressive 42 minute battle theme that weaves a compelling story of an epic fight between good and evil.

The Mists


The Mists is the first of the Dice & Dreary soundtracks and creates a moody atmosphere of tension, loss, and hope.

The Final Fantasy Mixes


A tribute to Nobuo Uematsu, these are Final Fantasy themes arranged into energetic dance tunes.

Singles and EPs

The Song of Captain Every: Gone to Sea to Seek Hios Fortune


A pirate song based on a historical poem about pirate captain Henry Every.

The Orville Theme Song


Our cover of the theme song from one of our favorite shows.

The Path Through Mirkwood


Inspired by Tolkien’s work, this synthwave song is a trip into the unknown.

Silver Flame: The Fall of Argynvostholt


This is a folk song about the great silver dragon of the Curse of Strahd campaign.

Rolling Through the Realms


The theme song from the Rolling Through the Realms actual play podcast.

Rolling Through the Realms


To celebrate Christmas, it’s an instrumental arrangement of a hymn that is not at all a Christmas hymn but really sounds like one.

Quest of the Dragon Warrior


A 3 song EP of synthwave covers of classic tunes from Dragon Warrior.

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